Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Review: KARMA’S A BITCH by Shannon Esposito

A Pet Psychic Mystery! Interesting!

Darwin is your regular, run-of-the-mill co-owner of a pet boutique in Florida, but she also happens to be a pet psychic that is able to receive vision energies from the animals.

One day, Darwin encounters a homeless guy with a mutt named Karma and something struck her about the two. They form an instant friendship; she gives him a job and they meet up for breakfast every morning at a local café. Still, he was reluctant to open up to her, and, everyday, she would wonder what kind of trouble he was getting into since he was showing up with more and more bruises.

Then, one day, his body is discovered by the lake with Karma barking frantically by his side. One lick from Karma and ZAP! She saw it and, together with Karma, she will figure it all out, thus, beginning the quirky investigation with a loyal and lovable canine.

Right away, you feel for the heartbroken dog and the poor, dead Mad Dog, who had a tough life but still had a soft spot for the furry, little friends. The mystery was enjoyable, but I wish we would’ve gotten more from the psychic visions so we could try to piece together the puzzle. All we got were little snippets with vague descriptions. I mean, I understand author was trying to keep the mystery of it all, but the best thing about visions is actually seeing them.

A must read for any animal lover!

My rating: 4 stars

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