Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Asha is the daughter of a psychic fraud. Who would've thought that Asha would be the real psychic instead? Well, she certainly has her "exorcist" moment, when she couldn't keep quiet about a victim whom the police were searching for. That part was a little confusing to read.

So Asha spends the bulk of the story chained to the spirit of a murder victim. It was kind of weird every time she re-lived certain moments in the victim's life. You kind of didn't know where you were. This led to a lot of open holes and faceless names.

The story was simple and had an interesting angle. I enjoyed the mystery part, but I wish things could've been clearer so I wouldn't have to be guessing all the time. Of course, leaving the reader guessing can be good, but you shouldn't leave them guessing so much that it causes confusion and backtracks. That's kind of what happened to me in this case.
Story had potential, but it just lacked structure and focus.


My rating: 2 stars

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