Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: SPELLCASTER by George Bachman

16-year old Christine has something that nothing can cure with its excruciating pain and high fevers. But what’s causing this are visions of a mysterious person on the run from a strange man. Instantly, I was allured by this paranormal ramification. Unfortunately, this plot line fell flat.

Set in Victorian England, the story sets off to an ambiguous start with its dreary characters and trite setting. At first, I didn’t really know who was telling the story, and, as I dove deeper, I felt deterred by the plot, getting more and more confused. I actually had to go back re-read a couple of parts just to clarify certain things. At one point, I even had to go back to the summary just to see what the heck this story was supposed to be about. Perhaps it was the writing style or the story itself that set me off, I’m not sure.

The author created a worthy premise that incited me enough to want to read this, however, the execution was meager and subpar. As the title indicates, the book should’ve casted me under its spell, but I wasn’t. I just expected more from it.

My rating: 2 stars

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