Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Review: A MAGICAL SHIFT by Vella Day

Two werewolves + One Witch = A Magical Shift

Rye is a shifter destined to be the Alpha male of his clan. Isadora is a powerful witch aiming to help her coven in any way she can. The two cannot deny the immense attraction.  But how could a wolf mate with a witch? One can definitely find out.

But then a lone wolf stalks into town and he wasn’t leaving until he made Isadora his mate for life.

I was fascinated by the supernatural world of witches and werewolves, and the evil wolf surely added a thrilling twist to the story. But, overall, this was just a mating story. The sex, of course, was intense and powerful. The climactic scene where the wolves fight was rundown and should’ve had more excitement. Still, this was a pretty good story.


My rating: 4 stars

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