Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: NEW SHOES by Shelley Coriell (Vol. 2)

This is the second collection of short stories starring the clever granny detective, Lottie King.

Newly-retired Lottie King is in heaven in "New Shoes." On a mission to find the perfect shoes to wear on her Caribbean cruise, she never expected to find a body. Of course, you can't keep a former homicide detective away from a crime scene. This case takes us back 63 years. Who would shoot a guy and stuff him between the walls?

In "First Dance," Lottie signs up for a pole-dancing class. Now there's an image that stays with you. But who would kill the instructor?

Most of these stories were good, except for "Unexpected Delivery," which is a montage of letters written to an unknown recipient. What?

Otherwise, these were clever and witty. A good short story always leaves you wanting more, and this reader definitely wants more Lottie King.

My rating: 4 stars

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