Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: ENGAGING THE BOSS by Noelle Adams

Sarah is in love with her boss, Jonathan. Of course, you knew that judging from the title. But, of course, she can’t act on her feelings because he’s her boss. Now she has to pretend to be his fiancé  as a ruse for his rich family. The setting is at a family wedding, which I thought was a bit too cliché.

Jonathan is brilliant, quiet, studious, and focused. But I thought it was cold that he left Sarah to fend for herself with his family for a wedding for one of his relatives. But, suddenly, they stop pretending and give in to their desires. Their growing attraction is stalled by the fact that he’s her boss. Well, duh!

I could understand Sarah’s frustration at Jonathan for his moodiness and bad attitude. At times, I wonder why she would want him.

Story had some steamy love scenes (of course.) Well-written for the most part, but I just wasn’t too keen on the whole fake fiancé gimmick. I feel like it’s been overdone. But, at least, this story had the twist of falling for the boss, which doesn’t happen too often in real life.


My rating: 3.5 stars

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