Monday, April 3, 2017

Review: BITTERSWEET by Noelle Adams

5 years earlier, Zoe and Adam were two geeky friends that met up for coffee. I’d be in awe of a smart guy too, and Adam is as smart as they come. I mean, reading Greek history in Greek? Wow! There’s never been any romantic interest between the two (at least not forthright), but could Adam’s cousin, Josh, be suitable for Zoe?

Now, years later, Josh, Zoe’s husband, is dead and she’s left to care for their infant son. This is sad and the reader will surely sympathize. She’ll need all the help she can get. Adam has suddenly turned from lovable geek to corporate snob. Nonetheless, he’s willing to do everything he can to help her. A friendship is rekindled in the wake of a loved one’s death.

Suddenly, Zoe starts to get an attraction to Adam. And who can blame her? And then the friendship turns into something more.

Story was sensitive and lovely, but lengthy and daunting at times.

Well-written and speaks to the heart. It’s about healing and mending. A beautiful story.  A sweet, yet bittersweet, romance.


My rating: 4 stars

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