Friday, February 17, 2017

Review: STORMY WEATHER by Glen Ebisch

When a meteorologist is involved in a murder, life gets stormy.

Stormy McCloud, according to her stage name, makes her living on the weather. When the senior meteorologist, one who did not appreciate the competitions of his successor, turns up dead, Stormy becomes a suspect. How did he end up in Stormy's backyard? Was it a set up?

Not wanting to risk possible imprisonment, Stormy appoints herself to help the detective on this case.

Apparently, there is a slew of people that this guy dead. The challenge was trying to keep track of everybody. Sometimes, I forgot who was who.

Story carried a witty dialogue and an easy pace. The investigation might have been a bit too slow and daunting, but the fact that the killer was out there was interesting enough, especially when he or she returns to the scene of the crime. And for what? To settle a score with Story?

Overall, this was an easy read with some lagging areas. An okay mystery.

My rating: 3 stars

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