Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: THE GHOST FILES series by Apryl Baker

Volume 2 – Mattie, the ghost girl is back! It the last book, the story ended with Mattie’s dead mom revealing that she wasn’t her real mother.

Mattie’s never had an easy life, and she will never forget the torture she experienced at the hands of her latest foster mother. But it would seem that things have gotten back to normal. Well….as normal as can be considering that she can see ghosts. But, now, there’s a demon in town and Officer Dan can see it. How is that possible? That leads her to a mission in a haunted house in New Orleans, the most haunted place on earth, with a team of special ghost hunters.

While getting over the betrayal and heart ache from Officer Dan, Mattie must battle the demon that’s after her and try to figure out who her real mother is.

Volume 3 – Silas, the demon has healed Mattie’s deformed hands. But at what cost? What’s in it for him?

Book 3 begins with a past recap of a woman giving up her daughter to protect her from Silas. Was this Mattie’s real mom? Was the baby Mattie? And what does Silas have to do with any of it?

Now, after ridding a vengeful ghost and demon from a haunted house, Mattie has come to embrace her Reaper gifts and the title of “Ghost Girl.” Still, it doesn’t stop those pesky ghosts from reaching out to her, especially a team of them who blame her for their death. What? How?

In this tale, Mattie finally meets her dad, but she can’t shake the sinister feeling behind that charismatic face. Mattie is caught between the demon, Silas, and her shady father. Both are telling her that she cannot trust the other. Meanwhile, her powers could be turning her into something she doesn’t want to be.

Volume 3.5 – This was a novella rehashing parts of the last book but centering on Mary and Caleb—two of Mattie’s friends. Mary and Caleb sort of have a thing for each other, while, at the same time, must contend with the new ghost in town. I don’t know, was this story really necessary? I wanted to continue Mattie’s saga, especially when, in the last book, Dr. Olivet (the ghost doctor) might’ve known more about Mattie and her mother than he led on. That’s a cliffhanger that just makes the reader want to learn more. Where’s Book 4? I didn’t want to hear about Mary and Caleb. Bring on more Mattie!

Stories had all the perks of a good ghost-hunting mystery! Full of intrigue. A few too many typos that irk the reader, but, overall, stories are pretty good.

My rating: 4 stars

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