Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: AURORA SKY: VAMPIRE HUNTER by Nikki Jefford

I loved Buffy, so when I found out about this book, I knew I just had to read it.

Aurora is the typical odd-girl-out that was anti-social and sucked at sports. A senior in high school, she can’t wait to graduate, go to college, and get out of cold Alaska.

After a car accident, it is revealed that Aurora has “special” blood—apparently, it’s mutated blood by how everyone was making it out to be.  It seems that they injected her with a virus that made her a powerful force to be reckoned with against the demonic world. Like Robocop, they took her mangled remains from the car wreck and revived her into this powerful, crime-fighting machine.  

I liked Aurora because she was your everyday, awkward teen (shy, witty, quiet), who liked to read and write. The fact that the agents were training her in kickboxing and martial arts made her even cooler. It disappointed me that she didn’t use those skills as often as I thought she would. There were a few areas that lagged here and there. I wanted to see her fight vampires, but, instead, she gets caught up in this whirlwind romance with Fane, who, (surprise!) ends up being a vampire.

Ending was not as epic as I expected it to be. Instead it was more confusing than satisfying. But, overall, this was pretty good.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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