Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: RUNNING ON EMPTY by R.M. Clark

A long-celebrated tradition and an empty time capsule. What could be worse for the small town of Chepstow?

This shouldn’t be a big deal for 14-year old Kasey, but yet she can’t help but wonder what happened to her mother’s letter. Things get even stranger when she sees an apparition in her camera view finder. What the? Who was this lady?

“This whole time capsule/historian thing was the weirdest, by far.” (40)

“It is not a matter of where they are, but when.” (49)

Enchanting from the start, story was full of mystery and history. There were a few dry areas here and there, especially as we get knee-deep into the historical facts, but, overall, this was a well-rounded and thoroughly researched story. Kasey was a precocious and inquisitive kid—a suitable hero for today’s YA readers. She was like a combo of Indiana Jones and Marty McFly.  

Audiences will cheer on as the heroes trek through clues and “voyage” through time to find the missing memory box.

History, conspiracies, time warps, and ghosts—that’s what you’ll get in this compelling, clever, little tale.

My rating: 4 stars

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