Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review: RUNNING MAN by Jennifer Young

This is Book 3 of the Lake Garda series. The first book was great while the second was not so great.

In this book, we follow the story of Giorgia Manfredi, “a wealthy Cinderella in a golden cage.” Born into wealth but stuck working the family business in a luxury hotel in Italy’s Lake Garda, she yearns to break free and live her young life.  “The Hotel Villa Martino — set up by my grandfather, managed by my father, and the canvas on which my whole life was painted — was the place I would stay.” (13) Poor, little, rich girl.

On the other hand, Danny was a poor, working sap from the mean streets, always sneering to those rich, fortunate fools. But all he wants is a second chance, a chance to repent for his misdemeanors and live out the remainder of his life. “You couldn’t kill off a conscience, but you could wear it out…for a while.” (11)

Two people wanting a normal life, but still could not be any more different. When Danny rescues Giorgia from a mugging, the two are captivated by each other’s beauty, like Romeo and Juliet.

Overall, this was well-written. Oddly, Giorgia’s POV was written in the 1st person while Danny’s POV was in the 3rd person. Still, this does not detour in the dramatic tale, which had a few lagging areas. I kind of wished the story hadn’t deviated so much from the main characters, Giorgia and Danny. Instead, it all revolved around the Manfredi hotel and its patrons—characters I hardly cared for. Of course, the most endearing component was Giorgin and Danny, two misunderstood souls finding credibility and affection in each other.

The story between Giorgia and Danny was lovely, but I just found the rest of it to be superfluous and uninspiring. The best in the series was the first book.  

My rating: 3 stars

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