Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review: ONE NIGHT WITH A STRANGER by Linda Steinberg

First of all, I thought the lady on the cover looked more like a grandma. But, don’t judge this book by the cover.

Lisa, Courtney, Tish, and Jessica are BFF’s and all part of the Unforgettable Nights series. This one centers on Lisa, who hadn’t expected her one-night stand to happen twice—and about eight other times, too.

“She preferred to think of Matt as a phantom lover who existed only in her pleasure zone.” (LOC 588) Lisa and Matt kept on repeating that one night every chance they got. Holy Tamale! And who wouldn’t jump on Matt? I mean, he was an underwear model that could cook! He was also an awesome dad to his 9-year old son, which was hot as hell. And they’re both writers, too!

This book was definitely cleaner than some of the romance novels I’ve read, which I liked. The characters, especially Matt, were rendered in a realistic and endearing fashion.

A nice, contemporary romance!

My rating: 4 stars

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