Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review: CHASING LUCK by Brinda Berry

18-year old Malerie is celebrating her birthday with a BANG—literally! A gunman shows up at her birthday dinner and kills her uncle. What a shock!

Ace is a struggling contractor trying to make ends meet and somehow he finds himself in the chaos of the restaurant shoot-out and saves Malerie.
Malerie is sick and tired of being called “lucky” because “lucky people don’t walk around waiting for the next horrible thing to happen,” which is all she seems to be doing, ever since a bomb killed her mother many years ago.

From then on, Malerie turns into a cold, somber, menacing shrew. Who can blame her? Nothing kills your confidence more than when someone needs to bathe you. But, of course, she begins to soften when Ace gets hired to install security in her big mansion, eventually becoming her bodyguard—her babysitter, it would seem. I could see how Ace would resent having to watch over a spoiled, rich, little princess.

This is just like The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, except Whitney is a medicated and paranoid psycho. Or is she? Apparently her life really is in danger. How else would you explain all the recent close calls? But who wants to kill her?

Then the story unveils a hidden mass of Chinese hieroglyphic computer codes outlining a series of numbers—a mystery that dates back to the day her mother died. The numbers reveal specific dates and coordinates, giving Malerie and Ace the clues to follow and figure it all out before something bad happens. Is Malerie’s death prophesized by fate? And how will they save her?

An engaging mystery, romance thriller!

My rating: 4 stars

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