Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: WHEN YOU CAME BACK by Yesenia Vargas

At first, Katia doesn’t seem to be having a good 1st day of high school. Then it all changes when he walks back into her life. Brian. The boy she hadn’t seen in 8 years. 

Why is he back all of a sudden? Why did he have to move away, and why is he back now? Katia pretty much obsesses over this boy, just like when she was in the fourth grade.

Story was written in poetic, Haiku kind of way, with short sentences and single phrases. It was a little slow for me, and I found Katia’s neurotic obsession to be daunting. The whole book was basically a diary of a whiny 13-year old, the constant ramblings of an unrequited crush. I miss Brian. I want the old Brian back. Oh, give me a break! Katia spends a good amount of her time trying to talk to Brian, to figure out why he wasn’t talking to her. Seriously, this girl needed a life!

My rating: 2 stars

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