Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Review: DYING TO FORGET by Trish Marie Dawson

One horrible car crash changed Piper’s life forever.

With the death of her best friend, Piper battles the guilt that strangles her, the hold weighing heavily on her, tightening its grip, and stealing her gasping breaths….gone.

Up until this point, the story had a somber, unyielding tone; but as soon as Piper gets to “the Station,” the tone becomes a little lighter. The fact that she needed to be processed with paper work and orientation meetings was ridiculous. And to be a volunteer, a voice in somebody else’s subconscious? And not just anybody, somebody that’s thinking of suicide because that is what landed Piper at the Station. So Piper becomes a Jiminy Cricket. Interesting.

Just like at the DMV, it takes a while for testing, processing, and all that fun stuff, before you can get behind the wheel; that’s how long it seems to take for Piper to get a case.

The plot was subtle and slow, quickening slightly once Piper gets into someone’s head. From there, she unleashes wry, humorous quips as she embraces her “conscious” role with criticism and bossiness (let’s face, there’s not much else she can do in there.) A nice twist was seeing and feeling everything as a boy (e.i. the attraction to a beautiful girl, etc.) Yeck! To be stuck in the head of a boy!

Of course, Piper’s got her work cut out of her because this boy’s got serious problems. She’ll have to shout to the top of her whiny, nagging girl voice to reach him.

I was curious to see if Piper would save the guy, but before we get to find out, she gets a new case, the new case being much tougher than the first, of course. And wash, rinse, repeat.

The bulk of the story is mainly Piper’s job as a Volunteer and her time at the Station. Some of the details were mundane, but you applaud her efforts and the bonds she forms with her cases.

An okay read.

My rating: 3 stars

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