Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: THE FOUNTAIN by Suzy Vadori

What if a fountain could grant your every wish? Just one toss of the coin and POOF! It was done.

For Ava, the fountain felt like a god-send. Years after losing her mom, she is attending St. Augustus, a private school known for its elite alumni. Her first day starts off pretty rough, especially when one of the popular kids has a personal vendetta against you. I mean, stealing your clothes and planting those drugs in your locker? Oy! But, as an alumni kid, you don’t get to make your own first impression.  The only bright side was meeting Ethan.

Then, when things couldn’t possibly get any worse, she found it. The fountain.

“Fountains hold a special kind of magic, Ava,” her mother had told her with a sparkle in her eye. “They present themselves to us when we are most in need. Never let an opportunity go by to wish for what is in your heart.” (194)

After wishing for the disappearance of a mean girl, Ava soon realizes the ripple effect and the dramatic changes that come with it. So goes the old saying: “Be careful what you wish for.”

But it seems Ava wasn’t the only one who made a wish on that fountain. Her mother did, too? It’s happening again. Would history repeat itself? And how can you undo a wish if the fountain is no longer there? What is this magic that this fountain beholds? A magic only to be beheld but once? A wish for a different life?

Story was an easy read with an intriguing plot and relatable characters.

A wonderful tale!

My rating: 4 stars

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