Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: PSYCHICS VS. VAMPIRES (Episodes 1-4) by Shawn Wiseman

Book 1: The Vampire’s Vision – In a world of psychics and vampires, where battle lines are drawn and vendetta is a strong force, Kara is unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle. Both a vampire and a psychic, she is deemed “a freak” by the two species. But she does have one friend, a vampire named Olivia, who is her only ally….and she’s in trouble. Olivia has been taken by the police, which wouldn’t be too hard for a vampire to escape from, except that there have been rumors about psychic detectives working the streets and hunting her kind. What would they do to Olivia? Well, Kara will do everything in her power to save her. 

Book 2: The Vampire’s Rescue – Kara and Olivia are on a new mission to find a missing person. Of course, a mission to find a human doesn’t sound too appealing...until they discover the kidnapper was a psychic.  

Book 3: The Vampire’s Omen – A psychic sniper has attacked Kara and Olivia and they must find out who it was before he strikes again.

Book 4: The Vampire’s Victim – The war between psychics and vampires continue to unfold.

I really enjoyed the concept of psychics and vampires! Very fascinating! Among the powers Kara possesses are telepathy, telekinesis, and premonition. How very cool! Best thing about Kara was her loyalty. Even though she’s shunned by both species, she’ll still do whatever it takes to protect them.

To me, Kara and Olivia felt more like Buffy and Willow from the TV series, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (Buffy=Olive as she was strong and feisty; Willow=Kara, the quiet and reserved sorceress.) The writing had a simple language, and the pace was slow in certain areas. There seemed to have been a lot of hype surrounding Olivia’s missing fang, and the fight scenes could’ve used more sprucing up.

Nonetheless, the bundle is a quick and easy read.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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