Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review: CHILD OF PRIVILEGE by Ross Ponderson

“In a dark corner of a cavernous walk-in closet packed with designer clothing from New York, London, Paris, and Rome, a little girl with sandy-brown hair tightly pulled her tiny, fragile form into a cowering fetal position and huddled low on the floor.” (LOC 71) A child of privilege trapped in a nightmare.

Her father, a rich and powerful attorney, is a horrible monster. Can you blame the girl for running away?

For the first time in her life, it seems that Dana is free from the nightmare. Even though she has no money, no prospects, and virtually no idea where she’s going, it’s still a whole lot better than being stuck in that mansion.  However, her evil father will stop at nothing to bring her back. Injure her if you have to—those were the vile words he spoke to the P.I. Chilling! After all, what matters most are image, perfection, and winning.

Eventually, Dana hides in the comforting pastures of Small Town USA, which slowed this accelerating thriller to a peaceful—albeit daunting—pace. There, she meets Deputy Greg, a kind and considerate man who truly loves Dana.

Well-written and vivid, Child of Privilege is a raw and endearing story of fear, hope, and freedom. Keep running. Words that follow our courageous and fragile heroine throughout this grueling and heartless quest, which only inspires the reader to keep reading.  The price of freedom is a high one with the humiliation, degradation, and loneliness of surviving on the streets. She will do anything to avoid going back to Hell, including doing a striptease to a bunch of rednecks and spending a night in jail. Even though the simplistic cover does not do the story justice, you will root for sweet Dana all the way. One might wonder why she never tried to fake her own death. Nonetheless, you’ll want to see how this all ends.

A gripping read, and an enticing and bittersweet novel.

My rating: 4 stars

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