Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: SUDDEN CRUSH by Camilla Isley

A book editor married to an author. That’s definitely a match made in heaven. Or is it?

It’s pretty bad when the guy you just married isn’t trying too hard to sit next to you on the plane.  The response Joanna got from the rude passenger was classic! =D  Now Joan has to ride a whole 6 hours without her husband. Oh, pooh.  But to make matters worse, the plane crashes on a tropical island. Oh, pooh more.

So it seems Joan becomes stranded, alone…..until she later realizes that she’s tuck with Mr. Ogre, the rude passenger she was sitting next to. Classic! And the two bicker and battle with each other with snarky and witty repartee, like Harrison Ford and Anne Heche on 6 Days, 7 Nights. I must admit that Joan adopting and trying to talk to a monkey was a little too weird. Yeah, like the monkey can really understand you, lady! Ooh, Eeek, Eeek, Ooh.

Throughout the book, the two try to work together, collaborating (more or less) on ideas, for survival. I mean, would you drink out of a condom if need be? It mostly consisted of them fighting endlessly.

Overall, this is another well-written work from Camilla Isley, but I wasn’t too encapsulated by it. Certain areas lagged a bit, especially with the day-to-day happenings of living on the island. This was okay for the most part, but not as good as her other novel.

My rating: 3 stars

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