Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: THE GHOSTS OF VARNER CREEK by Michael Weems

"I see dead people." At least some old geezer in a country nursing home does. He sees "Faceless," a woman whose facial features are a blur. "I've never really spoken of it to other people, but there's no convincing me it wasn't a spirit...that the Good Book was talking about when it said 'unclean spirits' and when possession is when they fill you up with their own misery." (5)

Story was laced with that witty, funny Texas drawl, which was oddly intriguing.  Mr. Mayfield may not know much (next to nothing, practically,) but he was still pretty wise about certain things.

I liked the comment about old age: "The body's the same old house that time has redecorated." (7)

The interesting part came when Mr. Mayfield dies and becomes a ghost of Varner Creek. It is at this time that he meets up with his long-lost sister (another ghost). Together, they relive buried memories. Now, we flash back to a truck load of history about the town, his mother, his father, his family, his neighbors, etc. There was too much talk about religious morals, God, and the bible. Where are the ghosts?

Book started off pretty good, but then got boring fast.

Overall, this was an unsatisfying read. I expected more ghosts, a horror story, which I guess it kind of was with all the skeletons in the family closet.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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