Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: THE SUPERMODEL'S BEST FRIEND by Gretchen Galway

I enjoyed This Time Next Door and was looking forward to this book, but, unfortunately, it wasn't a favorite.

It starts off interesting enough with Lucy just being dumped by her fiancé--via Smartphone technology. And Miles was just dumped by his b#tchy girlfriend for being unable to commit. The two get thrown together at posh wedding of a supermodel and a billionaire.

The new twist here is: In an effort to salvage her drying eggs, Rose's friends will pick the man she will marry. The thing was I didn't think Miles and Rose clicked in any way. First of all, I agreed with everyone else: how can a big guy like him get it on with a short shrimp? He's over 6 ft. and she's a mere 5 ft. I think that's totally ridiculous. Second: Lucy is too much of a planner, which is annoying, and he's way more laid back. It was a complete MISMATCH. I think Rose was better suited for Alex, but, of course, the story wouldn't take that course.

The whole wedding is a forum for speculation, stereotypes, resentment, drama, and crude jokes. It was hard to believe that these people could be connected to each other. How can you have a billionaire friend? For me, it would be damn near impossible to be friends with a billionaire or a supermodel.

Overall, this was a shallow, tepid story with unrealistic characters. It seemed amusing at first, dazzling me with that smart humor I enjoyed in the previous novel, but then it quickly tapered off into a dull and unbearable territory.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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