Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: SWEETLY SCANDALOUS by Jacqueline Winters

A hard-core reader and a blogger: right away you’ll be able to relate to the main character. Allie has always been a fan of her romance novels, until one day, she meets a man right off the pages of Harlequin. You could’ve knocked her over with a feather when she discovered the alluring man was the new doctor at the hospital where she worked. Well, that might give her reason to stay in Willow Creek, a town so small that everyone knows your underwear size. I guess that’s what always bothered me about small towns. Of course, fiction is much more stimulating than the small-town reality. And, surely, as soon as Dr. Nick Bryant, recent divorcee, moved in, the town was all over him like ketchup on fries.

Right away you feel for the two main characters. Allie is trying to leave town to escape a troubled past; and Nick is trying to settle into a new life that was thrust upon him by a cheating wife. Both want to forget what happened and move on. Yet neither could help the tingling attraction for the other.  The fun part was sneaking a peak at the good doctor and his “man-snake.” Full of sweet and sensual moments, the two grow closer.

Overall, the story was well-written with enriching detail of country living, but it had a few lagging areas that slowed the pace. What picked it up for me, however, were the potential threats of the past coming to ruin things for the sweet couple: an old flame known as “The Travis Tragedy” and a malicious ex-wife refusing divorce. This is the good stuff, but, again, it takes a while to get there.

As indicated by the title, story is “sweetly scandalous,” showing an earnest, beautiful, and smoking-hot love blossoming in the midst of terrible secrets and vile corruption in a small town. Full of excitement, vengeance and blackmail, this novel takes the reader on a long, winding road through heart ache, love, and recovery.

My rating: 4 stars

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