Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY by Sarah Pekkanen

Isla is an animal veterinarian who meets a man (Griff) walking his dog as she was on her way to meet a blind date. I thought this was a very cute meeting.

On the surface, Griff seemed to be a great guy, a perfect guy for Isla; however, all that was put into question when we discovered that he was unemployed. Ooh, not good! And Isla has had some experience dealing with dead-beat losers.

Additionally, was Griff trying to be too perfect when he flew her out to meet his parents on Christmas? But, most importantly, WHY would he bring up the ex on their first date? Of course, she should worry! He may not be over her.

From that point forward, Isla wracks her brain about his ex. Are they still in touch? Does he still love her? Why did they break up? There were obviously trust issues, and why wouldn’t there be? They clearly got involved way too quickly.

This was simply a tale about the chaos of trust and relationships (both new and old.) I might even check out the next book, All is Bright, which details the story of Griff’s ex. Mmmm.
My rating: 4 stars

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