Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review: JUST MARRIED AGAIN by Charlotte Hughes

Michael and Maddy are about to be divorced; however, Michael, a hot-shot attorney deteriorating under the crunch of stress, is having health issues and secretly hopes it would make her feel pity for him. He basically has been letting himself go since the day she left.

Then good ole' Dr. Cupid sends them both off to a remote cabin in the mountains for some R&R. Of course, you can imagine the shock when the two discovered each other at the same cabin. But the best part was when she accidentally knocks him out and gives him amnesia while a terrible snowstorm surrounds them and locks them in. So we have a guy who doesn't remember the wife at all but is still captivated by her. Unfortunately, the wife does remember, memories of the rise and fall of their marriage filtering her mind.  The caring she bestows upon him is sweet....until the next morning when Michael regains his memory and continues to fake it. At this point, you might call him a jerk, but then you figured that this might be the only chance he has at winning her back.

Well-written and sweet, this story is a long road to redemption, rebuilding, and reconnection. A love reborn.

My rating: 4 stars

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