Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review: I WISH FOR YOU by Camilla Isley

One morning, Ally Johnson wakes up a rambling, senseless lunatic. Well, she did just discover her ex is dating a woman she hates. Ouch! It just seems that if anyone was going to have the worst luck in the world, it would be Ally. Wouldn't it be great if she could get all things she wanted?

Then, out of the blue, a strange box mysteriously comes into her possession. And POOF! Out pops a genie that can grant all her wishes. Suddenly Ally has hit the jackpot.

Who doesn't love a good genie story, especially when you've watched enough Barbara Eden episodes as much as I've had?

Ally is a witty, humorous character, albeit a bit neurotic at times, but it certainly was enjoyable watching her make all these wacky wishes. And this story wasn't your average "I wish for" tale (even though she wished for beauty and wealth, which are your typical wishes for nearly everyone.) No, you couldn't simple say "I wish" as there were some strange, annoying rules to it. I mean, having to say "Avra Kehdabra?" And the genie was this haughty British dude from the 18th century, so, naturally, he and Ally butt heads throughout the book, which was a hoot!

It seems the "coffer" (A.K.A. the lamp) was drawn to Ally because it "picks only women suffering for love, and, in particular, women facing a rival." (44) Readers will surely enjoy watching her exact her revenge on the hussy that stole her man. But will she win James back or finally get closure?

An enjoyable and funny read!


My rating: 4 stars

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