Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Review: SO...THIS IS AWKWARD by Timothy Tuttlesmith

These are the true stories of one man's "dating faux pas...only some of which he can blame on being English." This sounded mildly compelling.

But "why should you continue to read these ramblings of yet another strange individual talking about how girls are confusing, and how he learned new things about them, and how those things still don't make any sense? Good question. Erm... Well for one there will be some humorous accounts of kinky sex later. Everyone loves humorous accounts of kinky sex, right?" (13) Uh, not really, no.

Like Tuttlesmith indicates, these tales are merely his observations on women and relationships, his explorations and his lessons. It is a dating memoir.

Beginning with bland pleasantries, this book takes you on a strange, confusing ride filled with internet dating, bar hookups, and rowdy sex toys. I would've been better off not hearing about the kinky sex. Seriously...Ewe!

Although I can see the author's attempt at humorous, coarsely inept anecdotes, I couldn't gather any enthusiasm for it. In other words, it didn't turn me on. I just could not get into his story.

My rating: 2.5 stars

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