Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: SCARY MARY by S.A. Hunter

Mary is your average, gloomy high school girl, except for one thing: she can hear ghosts, which was a skill that has been bestowed upon her ever since she was born. All the kids at school tease Mary for being “the freak,” and, like in the movie Carrie, she tries to get back at her tormentors with her creepy, gothic attitude. When asked if she was a witch, she’d play along by saying that the coven would meet in the graveyard on BYOB (Bring Your Own Blood) night. In summation, she is the most frightening kid in school—hence, the name, Scary Mary.

I loved how Mary would freak out the people at school with her “witchy” powers. She was this shy, sarcastic, unique outcast—she was my kind of girl. Rachel was sort of like a sidekick that was fascinated with this voodoo stuff, which made her a terrific friend to have. I couldn’t stand that Vicky, who was the mean, popular cheerleader we all love to hate. But why was Cy, the new boy, so fascinated with Mary? No boy ever liked Mary as she wasn’t Susie High School. If I were her, I’d do anything to turn him off, too.  But he was just so funny and cute, and I loved how he always chose Mary over Vicky.

One day, Mary was over at Cy’s house, where “she absorbed the normality” of his life (548,) and suddenly heard a mysterious voice—a ghost. After a frightful incident with a Ouija board, Mary discovered how dangerous the spirit was. Now, it was up to her to get rid of it before he could hurt someone.

A good YA novel filled with paranormal mystery and intrigue. The writing was okay, but I felt that some sentences could’ve been merged together for better flow and fewer repetitions. And, although the cover doesn’t entirely lend to “horror and gruesome” with the sinister girl set against a dark background, it’s a cute and funny story; it was almost like reading a Goosebumps books.

Note to self: Add sequel to TBR list - Stalking Shadows
My rating: 4 stars

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