Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU by Billy Wells


This book is a collection of horror stories and tales of vengeance.

Could a boy’s strange, new toy be coming to life, like Chuckie, in “Witch Albert”? Could a murderer on the run be suddenly conscientious over fire safety? Could an imaginary being help a young girl with her mother’s brutal beau in “Charlie”?

The details do not start to get gruesome until we reach the cannibal story in “Who’s your Daddy?” Most of the characters are sick, and there is a sense of mystery and fright in some tales, especially in “Caller from Hell”. One thing I noticed was that the stories all seemed to have the same MO—bloody explosion of human flesh and bone caused by the savage eating of the bodies. Yuck!

Overall, the writing style was nice, and I liked the sarcasm; however, there was some redundancy and repetition throughout. Also, the stories got kind of predictable about ¼ of the way in the book.

Intriguing, humorous, and full of irony. Stories are short and quick.
My rating: 3 stars

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