Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: 1979 by Steve Anderson

In this collection of short stories, Steven Anderson takes you on a ride through 1979.

In "Garage Wine," a couple of teens take a crack at booze-making.

A side-burned stranger regales a little girl with tales of his boyhood in "Melvin."

With elements like railroad tracks, mill yards, and rafts, I wondered what part of the country these stories were taking place. Was it Kansas or something?

I liked how the Southern, country-style dialogue was rendered in true, raw form, similar to what you'd find in classics like Of Mice and Men or Huckleberry Finn. Although the stories capture that Old Towne ambiance (this was 1979, but it felt more like 1879,) they were also somewhat average, long, and full of history. You'll actually feel like your grandpa is talking to you.

Coming from the 80's I couldn't really relate to this book. But if this was what 1979 was like, then "Wake me up before you Go-Go."

My rating: 2.5 stars

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