Monday, August 10, 2015


Can an American-lovin' Texan and a hot, blonde bombshell team up against zombies?

At first, the story reminded me of Tremors, a movie about two hick friends from a nowhere desert of a town fighting against these giant, man-eating worms. It had comedy, gore, and strategic adventure all wrapped into one. This book is kind of like that as you had two unlikely characters (one being a gun-wielding, sharp-shooting Daisy Duke) pairing up and clashing with their fast talk and domineering personalities, which generates a refreshing, temperamental comedic tone.

However, the story didn't quite captivate me from the start and it only slowed my progress as we delved more and more into government conspiracies, bureaucracies, and the zombie apocalypse. For some reason, I thought Floyd and Mikki were teenagers (their names certainly make them sound like that) and perhaps I would've enjoyed it more if they were, especially since zombies are not really my forte.

This is kind of like the zombie version of Independence Day--it's basically a long, raging battle of survival for the human race. It would definitely be good for those who are into horror and adventure.

My rating: 2 stars

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