Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: EARTH 5 by Hustin Lindenhall

"Mrs. Fischmann couldn't stand me. I got in an argument with her over whether periods should go inside quotation marks or outside. I told her if it was my writing I could put them wherever I wanted." (1)

This is basically a collection of whimsical anecdotes--not really stories, per se. They pretty much read like the journal entries of young boy.

In "Tonya," a boy recalls a dream about a bug and this one girl.

"Los Angeles" relays a sudden move and a boy's threat to divorce his parents.

Like I said, these are not stories as they're entirely too quick; they're more like snippets. I guess this is what they call Flash Fiction, which is not something that I strive to get into. Nonetheless, some of these were appealing, so appealing, in fact, that I wish the author had extended the details further. Some of the themes were just too funny while others were just plain boring, and then there were some that were just too weird.

I'm not sure if these are worth reading as I had mixed feelings about them. It's like they never got me over the peak of the mountain; they started off one way, climbed a few steps up, and then just stopped. Where did I go? Where else could I go but down?

I guess these are okay if you like "quickies." 

My rating: 2.5 stars

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