Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review: MULTIPLE CHOICE by Claire Cook

There was a time when March Monroe thought she and her daughter Olivia would never really cut the cord. Now Olivia is off to college and March is secretly doing the same thing. It's a high-voltage shock when they run into each other as student interns at the local radio station. From the author of Must Love Dogs, this effervescent story will strike a chord with women of all ages-whether they have kids in college or are just now choosing their majors. Required reading for absolute enjoyment!

My thoughts: I admire anyone who is willing to go back to college. In this case, March just wants to get her degree to prove that she can finish something. Olivia (the daughter) is a spoiled, little brat, who doesn’t like to share. So what if your mom is at the same internship. And March, like any other mother that’s lost connection with her kids, wonders and overanalyzes the descent and fall of the family ties.

Somewhat witty and full of family drama--lots and LOTS of drama--it’s really not that funny. This is really a story for those bored, suburban house moms; not for me.

My rating: 2 stars

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