Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Look out Judy Blume, here comes Lucy!

Lucy Dakota is a shy, introverted gal that takes the reader on a quick tour of her awkward adolescent years, relishing the joys and combating the pitfalls. Sports, puberty, bullies—all things that a kid knows all too well. You’ll be able to relate and will think back to your own childhood.

“Books had always been my sanctuary at home…I could go to my room, shut my door and travel anywhere I wanted with a good book. Books also distracted me from the tortures of middle school.” (8)

Sometimes she drawled on and on, and I sort of muddled through the mundane parts, like her die-hard crush for the jock.

“I blamed myself for not being good enough or pretty enough, when really it was my desire to fit in, to have friends, that had clouded my judgment in both of my eight-grade encounters with boys…I didn’t know it at the time, but I was much stronger standing on my own than alongside any boy who didn’t have my best interest in mind.” (16)

And, thus, begins Lucy’s journey from pitiful school nerd to fearless adventurer as she guides you through the lush and vibrant Colorado rockies.

Now, I’m not the “Annie Oakley” type and I certainly don’t see the allure of spending the night out in the desolate mountains with the grizzly bears and coyotes, but this book would definitely be an inspiration to young kids. It might even get them off their butts and go outside.

You gotta love Lucy—she’s smart, ambitious, and adventurous. A good role model for all.

My rating: 3 stars

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