Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: FAST FORWARD by Juliet Madison

What would you do if you woke up 25 years into the future—into your old, wrinkly body? I’d probably have a heart attack…or, at the very least, wishing for one.

Kelli Crawford has it all—gorgeous looks, a successful modeling career, and a hunky boyfriend. No wonder her “pudgy” sister was always jealous of her. But what happens when the young supermodel wakes up at 50? Yikes! What a nightmare!

“Yesterday, [she was] young, unmarried, and…firm, and, now [she was] old, married, and…saggy!” (268) Oh, the horror!

So many things have changed in the future, like the ubiquitous use of an auto-driving, talking car with coffee maker, for instance. And what the heck was an e-pad? The future sort of reminded me of Marty McFly’s travel experience to his own future, which had holograms and flying cars.

I was perplexed and somewhat perturbed by how quickly we delved into the character’s old self without a single clue or reason to how she got there in the first place. I mean, even in Back to the Future, we at least knew it was the Delorean that got Marty McFly to a different time.

Most of the book revolved around the confusion of Kelli’s senior life. We had to learn the “who, what, where, and why.” Well, of course! Reading it was like watching a comedy movie set in the U.K.

I especially loved her foot-in-the-mouth moments and the scene with her struggling to squeeze her fat body into a slim suit.

In the end, this unexpected leap to her future was a real eye-opener for the conceited model. According to the psychic, there was a reason she was propelled into the future. But what? One had to hope that Kelli would figure out a way to get back to her former, young life, where she belonged.

My main criticism was the amount of time spent on all the gushy family drama. The character drawled on and on about people she didn’t know and all that went on with the facial. I think it deviated too much from the time-travel idea. The concept was good, but the execution of it could’ve been better—it could’ve been shortened and more focused.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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