Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: DON'T DIE, DRAGONFLY by Linda Joy Singleton

The Story: Now living with her grandmother after being kicked out of school, Sabine Rose hides her psychic powers from everyone. Yet, Sabine can't seem to get the bossy voice of Opal, her spirit guide, out of her head . . . or the disturbing image of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo.

My thoughts: Sabine is a typical high school girl with a not-so-typical psychic gift. Like most 16-year-olds in that awkward stage, she’s underdeveloped (no boobs) and acts like a giddy fool in front of her crush.

When I first started reading this, it reminded me of those Goosebumps book series I was so into growing up, with scenes drawn out of bedtime stories that had monsters in the closet and whatnot; then, as I continued, it transcended into something more like those Sweet Valley High books I used to always avoid, with girls right out the movie, Clueless. As if!

Sabine has to struggle with wanting to do the right thing, but not being branded a freak. Like Buffy, she wants to be the popular girl dating the cute guy and participate in high school activities, like the prom; she does not want to have to chase unknown demons with a power she neither wants nor knows how to use. Sabine wants to ignore the visions she’s having and be “in love” with her guy. Quite frankly, I’ve always been repulsed by “teenage love”—so sickening and stupid, and often resulting in PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection.) Who counts the seconds of togetherness? “Oh, we’ve been together for 2 weeks-8 days-and-6 ½ hours”—Gag!

When Sabine eventually finds herself in a grueling mess, she must force herself to open up and use her powers to find a way out. For me, this was where it got exciting, as I’ve always had a fascination with seers and psychic gifts. I especially loved how there was more than one character with a special gift.

Although the ending left me in a quandary because of the cliffhanger, it was still a quick read you can get through in one night. I may have to get the second book in this series just to find out what was in that box.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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