Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: WITHOUT A NET by Jill Blake

Eva has played it safe her whole life. Then she meets Max, “the ultimate hit and run artist.” Of course, Max has never had any interest in settling down with a family, not with his fast, adventure-seeking lifestyle. But suddenly a broken leg and Eva’s smile could make him re-think his perspectives.

Still, with everything she had to go through with her late husband’s illness, infidelities, and all his debt, the last thing Eva needs is another womanizer—you know, one of those “good-looking, cocky, and too charming to stay mad at for long” perps. (86) Oh, the ones that just drive you nuts!

But fate has a funny way of bringing two people together. Max needed a graphic designer for his new book and Eva is the starving artist desperate enough to take anything.

Beginning with the accidental bump of the shopping carts, the reader is immediately thrust into the potential and swiftly budding romance of the two main characters. I thought Max had attributes that were a little too perfect with his sculpted body, surfer’s tan, and his ineffable ability to make women swoon in the blink of an eye; on top of that, he has a PhD, climbs mountains, and can write a best-selling novel. Is it any wonder that Eva fell for this “perfect” type, especially since she did it once before? It’s interesting how people have a tendency to repeat the same pattern.

Of course, Max’s one flaw was his Hugh Hefner status. Frankly, a guy who has 100 ladies on speed dial is not likely to give it all up for one girl. Frankly, I wouldn’t even bother trying. But, supposedly, Eva needs to see that there is something more to Max beneath his conceited, vapid—and, let’s face it, sexy—exterior. I must admit that I was impressed by Max’s researched knowledge concerning the book publishing business. There’s this dialogue scene where he explains the pros and cons of traditional and digital publishing (useful for writers.) Okay, so the guy wasn’t an idiot either.

Witty and well-written, this is a tale of taking risks, jumping at opportunities, and following your heart.

Fun and adorable! A quick and simple love story you’ll enjoy!

My rating: 4 stars

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