Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: THE BRUTAL ILLUSION by Stephen Jared

Alysson is a young, nubile wanna-be actress, who, on the verge of giving up and moving back home to Indiana, impulsively moves in with a dashing gentleman.

It was fitting how this book was called “Brutal Illusion” for it is the ostentatious glamour of Hollywood that is alluring at first glance, yet deceiving upon closer inspection. You would think that you could trust the tall, handsome man that swept you off your feet, but then again…Suddenly, Alysson finds herself in a troubling predicament.

Jimmy is a struggling screenwriter stuck in the politics of Hollywoodland. He is enamored with Alysson, who shares the same child-like innocence for the film arts. Both endure abuse at the hands of corporate greed and aspiration.

Well-written and vivid. It was like seeing a movie from the 1940’s with its classic black-and-white film noir style. The author paints a brilliant portrait of the Hollywood scene with radiant sensitivity. This book is an exciting and colorful read with a dark twist.

My rating: 5 stars

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