Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: DOGS AREN’T MEN by Billi Tiner

Dr. Rebecca Miller is a veterinarian with the “heart as big as Texas.” She loves animals. In fact, she always got along better with animals than people. So who needed a man?

“But dogs aren’t men,” her mother emphasized.  In actuality, dogs might be better than men (I think.) Like Rebecca said, “dogs are a lot easier to please. [Dogs don’t] care that I’m plain and old.” (13)

Then came the good doctor, Derrick…literally, out of nowhere! Twice!

On first impression, Derrick was strikingly handsome, but he was also a selfish louse. It was sad that he didn’t recognize the lady he so rudely bumped into. Still, the man did have a soft spot for animals, which you just couldn’t help but love.

Although awkward at first, the attraction between Rebecca and Derrick was evident. I found myself loving Derrick more in those fleeting moments when he let his guard down and revealed a softer side. Unfortunately, like most of us, Rebecca felt that he was “too perfect” for her. Sure, compared to the blonde, big-breasted women he’s so used to, she was tater tots.

Perhaps, at first, there may have been a few too many characters to keep track of with all the customers that kept bringing their pets in; however, I enjoyed the exasperating mother hell bent on getting her daughter hooked up and hitched before the next full moon.

The story was well-crafted with a blend of drama, humor, and tender affection. It is a sweet, contemporary romance you can’t help but enjoy.  You’ll want to snuggle up with your pets when you read this.

A great book for animal lovers!

My rating: 4 stars

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