Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: WAKING UP MARRIED by Mira Lyn Kelly

My thoughts: Megan has woken up to a nightmare—she woke up with the worst hangover ever, half naked, next to a guy that is…her husband! Yikes!
The reader then goes on a wild expedition to the preceding events to find out how this all happened.
Both on the rebound from a recent break-up, Connor and Megan hook up at one of the classic hook-up spots: a bar, where inhibitions are freed through the power of martinis.  As I had suspected beforehand, the whole “waking up married” was blamed on one silly, drunken Las Vegas night—what basically happens when people get stupid and lose all forms of self-control (not the best decision-maker.)
The first thing I noticed was Connor’s insane cockiness. How could it be missed? His arrogance practically jumped out of the page and flapped around in your face—very annoying. However, his genuine interest in the girl-next-door type seemed sincere, even though the first thing that piqued his interest was her sinuous body.  Still, there was something about him that provokes the reader to get to know him. I loved how protective he becomes with her.
What I liked best about Megan was her sensibility (even though she practiced none of that on her drunken night,) while Connor was absolutely senseless—insane, really! The marriage was “not about love…it’s about liking each other”? Oh, yeah, that was a really good reason to get hitched.  Even for companionship? Insane!
I must give Connor credit for convincing Megan to give it a chance, but I also agreed with Megan that he was “too good to be true.” I honestly thought he was being Mr. Perfect with trying too hard to show her that he was the one—it was unrealistic and sickening. The way I figure: true lovers shouldn’t have to try so hard. Boy, was I glad when Megan gave him the inclination that she might not be what he thought. How can anyone know a person in one night? I did, however, enjoy seeing Megan torture Connor with her algae mask and waxing rituals—showdowns of what he’d be coming home to every night. Yep, that was marriage.
In the essence of all the insanity, this story was just like any other Harlequin romance—boy meets girl, love at first sight, love on the rocks, then the unyielding of the "can’t-live-without-you" finale.  It’s another one of those sappy stories good for those love lovers, not a skeptic like me. Of course you know how it’s going to end. Duh!

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