Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: THE GIRL WITH NO NAME by Iscah

If you had the ability to transform into anything, what would it be? This is the fate of the girl with no name, a shape-shifter.

While the townspeople seemed frighten by the child that can turn into cats and cooking pots, her keeper is the one that comes to her defense and stays by her side until his death, which forces her to flee the town.

Gourlin was an interesting place; I like how it had a policy of teaching kids to read –now, that’s my kind of country! One thing that was irksome was that the story was full of unknown characters, which I thought detached the reader from the plot. There were characters like “bookseller” and the “black-bearded man”—no one really had a name, except for the prince. And, although I am not really into tales about castles and princes, this book still isolates itself from the traditional “happy ending,” which I thought was rather unique.   

This was like reading one of Grimm’s fairy tales combined with Shelley’s Frankenstein. It is all about a search to discover who was “the girl with no name” and what was her purpose. Her quest seemed to take a rather long time as she consistently kept asking people questions about the father she never knew. She was smart and courageous, and learned to protect herself well.  It’s a cute, well-written story.  Fascinating cover, too!

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