Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: All Eyes on Her

Ever reach the last few chapters of a book but you're just shy of finishing it all the way? That's what happened to me this morning.

It was Monday, so, of course, that meant having to go to work. I got up early (like I usually do) and thought to myself: hey, I've got an hour to kill, why not finish up that book? So I started to. And I thought that I would be able to finish reading it and post a review before skipping off to my job. Okay, maybe not post the review, but I had hoped that I would, at least, finish it.

After glancing over at the clock for the last hour, I realized that my time was up and I had to get ready for work. Unfortunately, I was about to do it with an unfinished novel on the brain (and I was only a few pages away too!)

But, now, I can proudly announce that I just finished it! Hooray! Now I can die happy!

All eyes on her by Poonam Sharma

Summary: As a junior associate at the most-sought-after marital mediation and divorce boutique in Beverly Hills, Monica is part mediator, part lawyer, part marriage therapist and all celebrity babysitter. She's so good at her job that she's handling the firm's superstar clients Cameron and Lydia Johnson—Hollywood It couple Camydia. Although things would be easier if the only other female associate would stop sabotaging her career, and if the drama queen she refers to as mother wasn't moving back home!
When the latest Camydia scandal breaks wide open, it's time for Monica to save the day, to don her Prada cape and matching bag, then wreak havoc on her office rival and run circles around the paparazzi.

Everyone's watching to see what Monica will do… hey, are those claws on that French manicure?

My thoughts: First thing, the cover--awesome! Second thing, the beginning--boring! I had a really hard time getting into it at the start of the book, so much, in fact, that it almost made me wish that the last user had torn out the first several pages (like in the last book I read.) But, alas, I was forced to read about the boring details of Hollywood celebrity couples and their "scandals." Big, fat yawn.

There was also a back-and-forth rhythm between Monica's past and present, which I found okay--a bit unnecessary at times but okay. I definitely did not like the author's tendency to drone on and on and on and on and on like an old wind bag. My goodness, enough is enough! Get to the point already!

Now, normally, with a book this dull, I would''ve chucked the whole thing in the recycling bin before reaching the thirtieth page. But I like to give a book a second chance, because, in my experience, some books have started off slow but then, all of a sudden, got interesting towards the middle. And I'm glad I stuck this one out, because, to my own surprise, this one got interesting as well.

The story really took a turn for the better when our star, Monica, takes initiative and seeks out vengeance on her office adversary, Stefanie. But that's not all. You become more intrigued when, out of the blue, her old flame, Alex, comes strolling back into town and winds up being one of her new clients. And this was all stuff that should've been in the previews.

What I liked about Monica was her stubborn independence. She was engaged but didn't wear a ring. At least, not on her finger anyway; she wore it on a chain around her neck (like a noose, as described by her fiance.) She wants to keep her own name and often wonders "why guys are such chicks?" I can totally relate!

It seems like everyone is out to get Monica, it seems like everyone is watching her every move. My god her own mother set up her on a prank live on a reality TV show!
Also, why does Monica feel like she has to fix everyone's problems? It didn't feel like it was just part of her job as a private celebrity consultant.

I also liked the little Indian myths and old wives' tales--all of which just makes a woman think. Actually, this book sort've reminded me of the stories written by Latina author, Margo Candela, who has often claimed that she writes "smart, witty women's fiction." And that's sort've what I got from this novel. Although I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending, it did leaving me thinking about my own behaviors as one of the female species.

So, the moral of this post is: Don't give up on a book too soon.

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