Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't people have respect for books?

After committing to two more book reviews this past month, it was only natural that I take a break from reading. I mean, why force myself to read something when my heart isn't into it? What would be the point?

So for the past week or week and a half, I have been kicking back, reading blogs and posting on Facebook. But then I decided to get back in the game with a new book from my TBR pile. I picked one out, propped my feet up on the stool, held my reading light in place, and then finally popped the sucker open to the first page of chapter one. But then I discovered something: the first two pages of chapter one were ripped in half! The headline read, "Chap--," and then you see a big, ole' crude tear.

In all honesty, I did but this book second-hand from Amazon for like $2, but still. Who would rip the pages like that? And why would they sell the book this way?

I mean, yes, I am still reading it anyway (even though I had to start from like the third or fourth page.) Luckily, I didn't really miss much from the first four pages (remember, the first two pages have writing on both the front AND the back.) But still! Why would people just rip the pages out of a book like that? Don't people have respect for books? It just aggravates me when people do that. Not only are you ruining the look and quality of the book, but you are ruining the chance for someone to read the story! My god, it's like ripping the last two pages out of a murder mystery book. Now you'll never know who done it.

I noticed from the spine of the book that it came from some public library in Mississippi. In fact, there were several pages with the word, "discard," written across. Okay, I get it. Clearly, they wanted to get rid of this book, and I can see why.

I am still reading this book (I think I'm up to like chapter 5 or 6,) and I'm hoping that no more pages will be ripped out because that's just cruel.

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