Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Book Boyfriend: Jake

Today I am taking part in a new theme called "My Book Boyfriend," hosted by The Unread Reader.

My Book Boyfriend: Jake Tyler
Likes: Motorcycles and Books!
Book: Beyond the Gardens by Sandra C. Lopez

The part that made me swoon: (Short Excerpt)

Jake calmly saddled on the bike, resting his hands on
the handles, and looked up at me. “Well, then I suggest that
you hold on to me tight—that way we can fall together.”
“Was that supposed to make me feel better?” I asked.
“Yeah, it was,” he said. “People usually feel better
knowing they’re not gonna die alone.”
“I’m kidding,” he stated. “Look, don’t worry.”
“Oh, I’m way past worry.”
“Really, there’s nothing to it.” His arm extended toward
me. “All you have to do is take my hand, and the rest
will follow through.”
“But what if—”
“I won’t let you fall. Trust me.”
Then, as a frail grin emerged, I knew. I did trust him. (Pg 227, Beyond the Gardens)
Without realizing it, my foot suddenly stumbled over a
hard rock partially rooted in the ground, which began my
rapid descent to a complete fall. But before I could even
meet my climax, I soon felt the strong embrace of an unknown
source, holding me in mid-air. Surprised, I looked
up to see Jake towering over me with his arms wrapped
around my back. He caught me in the knick of time.
“Oh, wow, great catch,” I mentioned, breathless.
“Yes… certainly are.”
What? My hearing apparently must’ve been affected
by that close call.
I stared at him curiously. “Did you just say
Jake flustered and quietly shrugged. Then he lifted me
back up while keeping his gentle grasp on me. With his
hands tenderly supported on my waist, I found myself
face-to-face with him. His beautiful eyes sparkled with a
twinkle in each iris. I could almost see myself in them.
Oh, wow.
“Are you alright?”
“Of course, I am.” Nervously, I tried to stand on my
own again, and, somehow, I ended up tripping over my
feet and fell right back into his arms.
“Whoa, easy there,” he said. “You okay?”
“Yeah, sure, I’m good,” I answered. “Thanks for catching
“No problem. Now you see?”
“See what?”
“I told you I’d never let you fall.” (Pg 230, Beyond the Gardens)


  1. “Yes… certainly are.” <--- Totally SWOON!

    Thanks for that excerpt. I don't know Jake, but I am going to have to learn more about him soon.

  2. Wow! Nice excerpt. I've not read this book. Motorcycles and books. Sounds intriguing! The guy in the picture is very cute!