Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book Review: At the Crossroads of Terror

At the Crossroads of Terror by Lenny Emmanuelli

What would you do if.... You were being hunted by a gang of killers? These killers are holding your best friend captive. You are also being hunted by the police for a murder you did not commit. Would you run? Would you fight? Who do you turn to for help? Surely not a person you don t trust? Or a person you believe has ulterior motives. These are just some of the situations that haunt Charlie Johnson that he needs to answer. What he does to overcome these and many more obstacles might surprise you and are answered in this new suspenseful romantic thriller. Charlie Johnson, a man suspected of killing a local merchant, reluctantly teams up with a television street reporter, Sherry Mann, trying to prove, he is innocent which takes them both deep into the world of an organized Asian street gang, who is on the verge of making their biggest stride, in their drug business. At the Crossroads of Terror is a very contemporary action filled thriller that crosses over to many genres. The story captures action, crime, suspense, and romance with a touch of comedy. It has it all, which can be a real advantage to the reader, who longs for a touch of reality and believability in their fictional reading. The book will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. We believe this novel would make a blockbuster movie someday. The book is also working with RAINN, a non-profit organization helping victims of sexual assault.

My thoughts: When you first open the book, you come across a not-so-favorite thing of mine--the prologue. The reason I'm not a huge fan of prologues or epilogues is because most of them are a huge waste of time; otherwise, they would've been written as chapters instead. But there was actually an exception, in this particular case; I was actually enthralled by the dying moments of the rape victim featured before the beginning of chapter one. The details were so vivid and raw that I felt like it was actually me in that scene.

In chapter one, we get a quick overview of the main character, Charlie, and his life. After he and his college sweetheart, Chelly, are reunited and agree to meet for a date, the trouble begins. A mysterious Asian woman walks out of a restaurant and stashes a gun in his pocket. But what Charlie soon realized was that that gun may be a murder weapon, and he may be the only suspect. Suddenly, he must run along with the companionship of a reporter named Sherry as he learns about an elite gang of Asian youths that have been terrorizing his town. And he must learn to stop them.

This book will fill you with terror and disgust. The crimes in this story will shock you as you absorb every gruesome and vile word. The homicide investigations were so meticulously crafted that it felt like I was watching NCIS or something. Overall, I felt that there was a nice flow to the story, but there were some places that required some minor editing in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Additionally, although it did not leave me gripping the edge of my seat like any other thriller, I still wanted to see this story to the end. I wanted to know: Will Charlie save his loved ones from this dangerous gang? Will this horrible nightmare finally come to an end for Charlie? I could not let this book go without finding out.

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