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Blog Tour: THE GOD OF SUMMER by Kat Chant


The God of Summer

by Kat Chant




: Dark fantasy / paranormal






Back in the Bronze Age, Angus McCraggan sacrificed his life to break the Celtic curse laid on his kind. He failed. Millennia later, he returns to modern Ireland to find his people have become feral, vengeful shadows. With his hollow hill now packed with tourists, he uses his power to keep his past hidden.


Until an American calls him out.


Since a banshee attacked her as a teen, Erin De Santos has been tormented by dreams of a boy she’s never met. Armed with a new identity, she returns to the Emerald Isle determined to face her nightmare. But her discovery turns fatal.


When the banshee strikes again, Angus surrenders his heart—and his hope of freeing his people—to save her. With his life now hers and his curse descending, Erin must make a terrible choice: kill her savior or share his doom.







The tunnel was tight and narrow, warm after the night air, and not dark as it should have been, but rosy with the light bleeding from her pores. A second trispiral was carved several yards in on one of the massive upright stones. She didn’t need to touch it to see it was also connected to Angus. It throbbed with a heart’s beat.


A trispiral on the outside, then this one within. Newgrange wasn’t a bubble, it was an airlock. With a third trispiral on his chest, Angus was the key. She frowned. A key on a chain. He might be free of the silvery binding keeping his people within the earth, but the cord linking him to the trispirals kept him permanently tethered.


The chamber within seemed much larger without a crowd. The walls and crude domed ceiling roared in her mind’s eye with the cherry-red of a furnace. A rounded belly of earth, a tunnel for a shaft of light to penetrate...


This is a womb.


From it, Angus had been reborn.


Granddad had told her Angus had been released from Tir na nÓg for a reason and he was right. Angus had vowed to lead the Tuatha Dé Danann to freedom. When his people had sent him into the earth, they’d sealed him into Newgrange—the most prominent and renowned of all the hollow hills in Ireland. He’d gone in first and come out first, making it across the divide on a one-way ticket. If she had it right, Breda and His Assholeship could come and go both ways, but only in spirit. Nobody else got a pass. Well, maybe on Halloween, if tradition held true, but it wasn’t a permanent visa to stay.


Yet Angus claimed he couldn’t lead without being


Chief and he couldn’t be Chief because he’d given her his heart. Excuses. He didn’t want to lead what his people had become. He saw them as a threat. It was telling that his prison should also be his sanctuary.


Angus had the strength, but no will to fight.


Erin could fight, but hadn’t the strength to win. Until now.


If I’m this juiced, he has to be drained.


Fine then. She’d do the job for him. Get it over and done. While she had his power, she was going to wield it for a noble cause. Not just freedom for Angus. Freedom, too, for the people he owed. Once released, there would be no need for Manann and Breda to enforce their curse. Angus could get on with living, free of his past, and she could get on with her own life, happy in the knowledge she’d repaid her debt.


Once she broke the seal, everyone got out of jail.







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Kat Chant is an award-winning writer. A bookworm who grew into a history buff, she swapped beaches for castles and moved from Australia to the UK. When studying medieval history, she fell in love with a lad from Ireland…and fell in love with his country, too.


She and her family live in the heart of Ireland, surrounded by fields in forty shades of green.


Kat is a keen cook and often experiments with traditional farmhouse foods such as making bread, cheese, jam and liqueurs. She also decorates the occasional cake.


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