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Blog Tour: FRIENDS TO THE END by Cherie Colyer


Friends to the End

by Cherie Colyer




: Middle Grade Action Adventure






Twelve-year-old Zach is convinced he'll never be happy without his best friend Jeremy by his side. But both of their lives changed with a bang five months ago, and as far as Zach's concerned, it's his fault Jeremy will never see his twelfth birthday.


When Zach moves with his family to a Chicago suburb, he quickly becomes friends with a group of thrill-seeking kids trying to find a disappearing haunted house. But Zach's not worried. He doesn't believe in ghosts, so he follows them into a wild, dangerous encounter that becomes a battle to decide what's real and what's not.




Excerpt One:


My bewildered gaze slithered from Dom to Josh, finally coming to a stop on Morgan as I tried to decide if they were crazy.


“If the house is invisible, how do you expect to find it?” I asked.


Morgan sat on the stoop next to me. “It’s not always invisible. My brothers saw it once. They said it’s a big house with a long porch. It vanished before they could set foot on the first step, and I’m glad, too.”


“Why? What would have happened if they were on the steps?” I asked. Not because I believed an old ghost story had any truth to it, but I was curious to know what she’d say.


Morgan had to pick her jaw up from the walkway before she could answer, and when she did her voice came out in a high-pitched squeak. “If they had been on the porch or worse—” she swallowed loudly “—inside, they would have disappeared with it.”




Review: Zach moves into a new house and becomes the new kids in school. He was the Loner Loser Boy. Ever since Jeremy, he wasn’t very good at making new friends. But, somehow, he is approached by a group of kids, who tell him all about the ghost house. Ghost house?

Story had an easy, engaging, and relatively witty narrative. At times, it is slow with its juvenile banter, which was fitting but also slightly overdone. Mostly Zach is battling the guilt over his friend. Meanwhile, he’s hanging out with these kids and talking about finding this house. Although they do eventually find this house and some ghosts show up in the end, the focus was more on the drama of these kids. The premise sounded interesting, but I expected more scary mystery. Still, it’s a fairly nice read overall.


Rating: 3 stars



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


C.L. Colyer found her love for writing in first grade when her class was sent to the library and asked to find a book for their first book report. While she doesn’t still have this book report, she’s very proud to say she got an A on it. Her favorite thing about the book was that it had no words. That’s right, not one! That gave her the freedom to interpret the pictures in any way she wanted and write her own story.


This sparked her love for writing essays. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she sat down and penned her first novel. This story has a special place in her heart because it’s the story that helped her discover her passion for writing. She has since written several books, many of which may never see the light of day, but all of which helped her learn to combine her passion for writing with her fascination with all things mythical.  You’ll find examples of this in her novels.


She lives in Illinois with her family.


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