Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Excerpt: TOM WOOF AND MAX THE OWL by Jane Owen


Tom Woof and Max The Owl is the tale of a young puppy who loves to write, who comes to live on a farm full of animals who don’t get along. Tom wants to share his stories, but he ends up writing them wherever he happens to be when he thinks of them, and this makes him very unpopular with the animals who don’t understand him. Fortunately, the wise owl who lives on the farm Max The Owl does understand, and he teaches Tom not only how to write his ideas down in a way that can be enjoyed, but he also shows him how to bring the animals together through their shared love of stories.

Tom Woof and Max The Owl are based on the real-life characters of the writer Jane Owen’s great-grandfather Max Perkins the book editor, and one of his writers Thomas Wolfe. Jane hopes this book will encourage creativity, compassion, community, and a love of literature.


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