Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Review: ONE BAD IDEA by Sabrina Stark

Allie couldn’t help but be rattled by the egotistical and rude behavior of the hot, shirtless guy in front of her. The guy looked more like a criminal than anything else with that flippant attitude and all those tattoos. How was it possible that he’d be living in a mansion?

“Within the last twenty hours, I'd lost my job, crashed my car, and driven halfway across the country in a vehicle that wasn't even my own.” (17)

In her trying efforts to locate her missing friend, the last thing Allie expected was a jacka#s…no matter how good looking. No way she’d end up working as his assistant. But with no money, no job, and possibly a felony charge on the way, she just couldn’t refuse, especially when she finds out that the two brothers were the successful founders of her favorite beer.

Most of the story centers on the two characters butting heads. Their snippy arguing gets a little frustrating and annoying.

Told solely in the POV of Allie, story relays the myriad of emotions felt by this high-strung character. She often prattled senselessly at times, worrying about embarrassing herself and admonishing over how tempted and infuriated she was by Jaden. The brothers were right: she was scary.

Drama jumps out from page one, which was daunting at times. Story was okay though. It’s your typical enemies-to-lovers romance.

My rating: 3 stars

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