Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Review: DIRECTIONS OF THE HEART by Marie Lavender

Two high school friends that have known each other their whole lives will be separated for the first time ever.  Jenna and Reese will realize how much they mean to each other in “Without You.”

Plain Victoria has always been envious of her friend’s attractiveness, how men desired her. Just once, she’d like to know what that’s like. After all, “wasn’t there more to this existence than work, and feeding her cat, before she spent her evenings alone reading a book or taking a relaxing bath?” (65) This time, she’s letting the reins loose in “Strange Heat;” however, she’ll soon realize that when you play with fire, sometimes you get burned.

And can a battered woman learn to forget the severe trauma and find the strength to love and trust again? “Somehow, you’ve got to learn to push forward, keep moving on until one day, you don’t think so much about it. Maybe you’ll always remember. Maybe it will haunt you in some small way. But, being a survivor can strengthen you too. We shouldn’t let our fears paralyze us, Caitlyn. Believe me, I still feel it. But not as much as I used to.” (276) Still battling with their demons, Caitlyn and Jack struggle to break free from their pasts and find comfort in each other. This one was probably the best and the most gripping.

Directions of the Heart is a well-written and lovely compilation of love and friendship. Although long-winded at times, the stories are genuine and endearing. The author certainly knows the way to readers’ hearts. A fun, delightful read!


My rating: 4 stars

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